Drill weekend @KNFW

Drill Weekend at Naval Air Station Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base Carswell

Spad giving everyone a wingwave

Mako on the move

Mako doing an unrestricted climb

Another mako on the move

The black Spad rocketing out of NFW

Another spad on the move

Spad on the unrestricted climb

Another wingwave for onlookers




Well 🤙 to you too Monsieur Pilot


Had a few waving or throwing up hand signs

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I should try that at Andrews… if i can get in at least a 5 mile radius of the base

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Yeah NFW is nice because there’s lots of public place right around the field

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Plane go zoom, very fast, very hot

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go to the air show there


Here’s the info from last year. It’s probably around the same time for this year too

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I have to wait till September T_T

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Ah yes, drill weekend. A very busy couple of days.

The wait is worth it

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