Drifting off runway while landing

I did one singular test with the A350 but with a massive crosswind (30 kts) and I could clearly notice the difference between landing stabilized and coming in at 170+, especially regarding the rudder response.

However, I have just read through the topic and at 7 knots I think you’d have to do entirely nothing for it to make a difference - and that would just come down to longer spent above the weathercocking threshold.

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That’s the base info I was going by. Which I tested before commenting to make sure the effect still occurred according to my memory.

The 7kts is paired with:

I’ll try the following a bit later, but I honestly think that this is outside the scope of the op’s question and does not justify the prior name calling.
edit: My apologies, I deleted the part here because what I referred to was my mistake.

edit: I tried with the A350 but I forgot your mention of 170+ kts, so I couldn’t really see it yet. After a necessary errand I’ll test more fully.

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I just went back and tried this again. I think there was more yaw response at 170 than 140. I assume we’d agree that would be a logical modelling (more pressure of airflow etc.). But for landing, that seems to become irrelevant. At 170+ for landing it is a challenge to get it down, especially with low load like at the end of flight. Basically in the range of 0 pitch to negative pitch. So, the nosewheel gets in the way (and all that would imply) and the landing feel is just overall wrong.

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Sorry for the late reply. It’s usually all aircraft, although I’m a little better at the 737-800