Drifted into space...

So I accelerated to Mach 2.75 at 35k feet, then shot straight up, the strangest thing happened at 100k feet with my air speed dropping to 0 and I continued to accelerate upwards 130k feet above ground. Controls didn’t work, air speed 0 entire time. So I am thinking I reached the edge of space…!! Kudos to programmers that made this so realistic. Amazing work!!



I think you found a bug. lol

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What plane?

F22… Just googled, edge of space is not 132k feet… I think I may have found a glitch… Haha.

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Haha! That’s pretty strange.

You’ve not even hit suborbital flight. Another 200,000 ft to go!

I’ve had this happen too.

That’s one hell of an up draft

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It’s probably some problem with air density calculations not being compatible with high altitude flight.

I can’t even Climb to 132k ft

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I can’t even get past 40k lol, I get bored and go do patterns!


Congratulations, you’re probably IF’s first Astronaut! 😎


Yep a bug! I replicated it, didn’t quite reach your altitude (about 10,000 shy) before it removed my ability to control the plane and began a nose dive into New York.