Drift on takeoff?

Some of the aircraft in IF will begin to drift to the right(737 to the left) right before Vr. Which in turn, results in either lots of rudder use throwing the plane around, or lifting off the grass. Has anyone had this happen before and know why this happens?

What were the winds like? If they are over 6knots you will need to use the rudder and hold it otherwise you will lose control most likely or stray.

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Maybe you have crosswind

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Doesn’t do anything, I’ve tried doing it on solo with winds 000@0KT.

What speed are you trying to takeoff at and what flap settings? Also do you use trim?

50% Trim should be used for takeoff in my experience

Using the 737-800 for this example. I usually rotate around 145kts-150kts depending on my weight, 5-10 with flaps(again, depending on weight, 5 is what I use 99,9% of the time) and I usually use around 35%-45% trim on takeoff.

Make sure your device is calibrated correctly 😅

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Try using a higher flap setting and more trim

Oh how silly of me, hah. I always make sure it’s properly calibrated before departure and landing. :P

Take a look in your settings and turn off “Auto-Coordination” It can make a difference on your takeoffs.


That did the trick, thanks!

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