Drift Bug

I know that the devs are already aware of the drift bug, and that’s why I didn’t post this in Bugs. I just wanted to confirm that this is in fact the Drift Bug, and everyone else that experiences this bug is experiencing the same thing?

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Your video is private

I just fixed it

This is it, the Ground shifting bug. ;)


This has never happened to me…

Well then you are lucky.

This is the same thing that happens to me at times. It’s so annoying.

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Only happens after long flights (45 mins+)

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  • I have had this bug happen to me.
  • This bug has not happened to me.
  • I have never heard of this bug

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Well it’s different for everyone. Some experience it on takeoff, some experience it while flying. I only experience it on the ground after the flight.

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I always have this when I approach the gate and I center myself and when I arrive I’m a foot left or right :/

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This is a very well known issue, it eventually comes down to floating-point precision (this is something that is not unique to Infinite Flight).

Basically, the further away you fly from your origin airport, the accuracy of numbers representing your flight (i.e. lat/lng, positioning of camera in relation to aircraft model, etc.) decreases and you get this shaking effect.

If you’re interested in maths/computer science, here’s a read for more info:

Now for the boring, forum housekeeping part: this is a duplicate, continue here :)