Dress code for FS expo

It’s a 15-minute drive for me. I am visiting this Saturday. Is there a specific thing I need to wear since I don’t have a proper pilot uniform?

You must wear this or you’re not allowed in

(Joking, I don’t think there’s a dress code)


Rob is right, just dress casually and you’re good to go. Just don’t forget the mask!

I’ve been. It’s not a super fancy event. Wear something you’d wear if you were to go to McDonalds and you’ll be fine.


uhhh if we are wearing what we wear to McDonalds i think lots of other people would get kicked out😭

I dont think anybody gets kicked out for dressing freely, especially at an expo🤣

Last time I went to McDonalds was in my PJs. So will that be ok?


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