Drenched while spotting at O'hare. + BA A350-1000


Oh man, sometimes I ask myself how far will I go to get a shot of a plane. I think we’ve found how far today. On august 15th I go spotting at the most amazing ORD. There was a chance of rain of the forecast but it was small so I didn’t think anything of it. (50% chance). We arrive at O’hare just in time to see an Air Bridge Cargo 747 landing from Amsterdam and some other planes. Then the main thing that we came for, The BA A350-1000 I see its landing lights in the clouds almost like the eyes of a ghost. And then it start to rain, and rain some more and in a few minutes we went from small drizzle to Niagara Falls. At this point im like “Im getting this shot no matter what Mother Nature throws at me” so truth be told I got the shot. Worth it! ;) I went back into the car and watched O’hare disappear in the clouds. I couldn’t even see the planes landing in front of us. After like 20 minutes of waiting in the car I walk back outside to catch a LOT 787-9 and we left after that. One thing I’ve learned from this experience: Never push yourself too far for a shot.


Amazing!!!That thumbnail is amazing!


Great video! To bad that white Dodge was in the way on the A350 landing at the end.

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Yeah, I really do not like it when people park in those specific spots.

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