Dreams do come true


First time with the good old Stearman… What a lovely bird!


Great pictures how was it?


It’s an amazing airplane, flies like a charm!


extremely jealous, but super happy for you :)


Your turn will eventually come ;) I quite jealous as well when I see you flying the RJ haha


It’s not everyday you get to taxi behind the Queen of the sky


What plane are you flying ?




I’ve got a question. How hard is it to remember all the checklists and radio calls?


Wasn’t flying bud. Was jumpseating. It was a caravan though


Depends on the plane. At first it’s tough, but after it you automatically memorize your most of your basic checklist. However, after doing my memory items I verify it with the actual checklist (we are human after all)

As far as radio calls go… Depends on the airport and what runway you land to where your gate it. First time I flew into o hare I was nervous. I had to write down my taxi instructions and visualize it on the airport map. Now it’s much much easier. For example if I landed 28c in o hare I know exactly what they will tell me to the gate.

This BA 747 got chewed out because he didn’t follow instructions. They pretty much did a whole 360 to go back to the international gates.


Great topic and nice pictures. Going for the R-ATP. Working on commercial stuff right now than instrument. Hopefully going to get a HP endorsement this summer


Good luck! Keep knocking those ratings out!


Thanks. Appreciate it.


Flying the beast.


I see you’ve been using the landings I had you practice, Axel. Good. I’m proud of you.


One of my favorite approaches :)


Chicago area?


Yup. Approach for 28c


Sweet. Really sweet picture