Dreamliners and Canada

Bonjour, I recently did my first IF flight in weeks so i’d be happy to share the photos I took from the new 21.1 release!

The route flown is Los Angeles to Toronto Pearson in the Air Canada 787-9 as AC790.

Ready for takeoff, another Air Canada A321 awaits it’s departure 🍁

In reality, he cut in front of me and tookoff without announcing it on unicom 😎

The iconic LAX Theme Building 🛫

Flying over my hometown of Las Vegas 🎰

An hour later and we’re passing over the Rockies! ⛰

Moon Vibes over Illinois 🌝

After 3 hours and 30 minutes of flying, we’re on the descent for Toronto. Here’s Billy Bishop!

Toronto Summer light as we cross over the piano keys 🎹

Just for fun, we’ll do another trivia thing as usual.

The last quiz, 13 square lego bricks was the answer! Just kidding, it was actually 8 square miles.

When was Toronto Billy Bishop airport completed?
  • 1939
  • 1975
  • 2003
  • 1895

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Nice pictures! I love the moonshot especially!!


Wow! Incredible shots! Love AC’s livery!

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Nice shots!

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Hmm. Build an airport before the plane is invented, totally makes sense lol


The expertest of expert servers

Great photos!


I mean, you could seriously win a competition with a few of those shots

1895? Someone took flight BEFORE the Wright brothers?

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Yeah, I did. Don’t want to brag about it, but the Wright brothers lagged behind quite a bit. I’ve actually got a time machine that allows me to to back in time and see who asked.

Great pictures Kamryn. Your IRL photography seems to be rubbing off a bit in Infinite Flight!


I’m going to give you a L3 violation for landing a 787 at Billy Bishop


I’m gonna need balloon to suspend him from the IFC for a year for that 😭


I’ll give you a violation for existing


Oh, so good thing you’re not 200 years old.

joke no flag please

I love those shots! Especially the first one. I can’t wait till we see the new Air Canada Livery on the 787 in IF. Personally I think the new livery looks 100x better, it just looks more clean than the other one which looked messy and not very attractive

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Nice shots 👌🔥

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Nice photos, those taken with terminals in the background look pretty realistic… thanks for sharing!

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Wow! Amazing pictures 😍

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Very nice shots!

This shot is my fav

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Amazing Shots Man!

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