Dreamliner to Mexico City

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This is take two, since I accidentally clicked on “create topic” on a previous attempt before I completed it.

So IFATC was in Mexico City the other day, so I thought this would be a good test for my new tablet to see how well it performs against dozens of aircraft. So I decided to take out the 787, since it’s been a little while since I’ve last flown it. I had forgotten how well it handles.


Aircraft: B787-8 (AeroMexico)
Cruising Altitude: 40,000ft
Server: Expert


1| At the gate, waiting for lunch to be done before departing

2| Takeoff from runway 24L LAX

3| Somewhere over Mexico

4| I begin my approach into MMMX, with an AA 777 a few miles ahead

5| This is where the interesting part of the flight begins. ATC goes offline, leaving so many planes without direction.

6| I decide to not turn final, and keep headed away, as 4 aircraft were stuffed in front of me in a space of 9 or so miles. (One of those aircraft wasn’t rendered in but was very much there)

7| A bit later, I’m on final with only one aircraft ahead of me instead of four.

8| I prepare for touchdown as one aircraft goes around on the left runway, and another waits for departure.

9| Waiting to cross the runway, as a 777 blasts off

10| At the gate, packed in by other aircraft


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Nice pics!!!

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Great Job these look amazing

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Great pictures! Smart idea to not turn onto final right away, it’s better to wait than risking a tight space landing.

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Great shots!

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Tight space feels like an understatement! What’s worse was there was two or so others behind me turning final

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That’s worse, agreed!

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Wonderful! Looked great

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These are great!

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