Dreamliner from Boston to Tokyo

Hey guys,

Last weekend when Boston was featured on the expert ATC schedule, I decided to fly an overnighter from Boston to Tokyo using the JAL 787-9. This flight takes off in the early-afternoon and lands in the afternoon the next day in Tokyo.

My route took me through New England, northwest over Canada and Alaska, and back down through eastern Russia until we finally entered Japanese airspace. I also tried out an approach utilizing two DME ARCs, and I included the LiveFlight screenshot down below. Enjoy!

Loading up at terminal E as an Aer Lingus A350 completes its start up.

Lining up on runway 33L, Logan’s longest runway, as traffic moves in the distance.

Beginning the initial climb out of Boston as seen from the cockpit of an American CRJ-700.

Overflying the Hudson Bay as our passengers settle in for the flight.

After almost 12 hours at cruise, we have begun the initial descent over Japan’s east coast.

Banking left to intercept the localizer for 16L, Narita’s shorter runway.

Vacating right off runway 16L after a 12 hour+ flight.

Here is the approach I flew. I think I used the HKE VOR and flew a 25 DME and 14 DME ARC, and it was definitely a lot of fun.


Lovely pictures and great attention to detail. Nice picture comments. 😁

Thank you!

I really love these types of photos. No general camera view used at all, just some free camera creativity, and that’s it. Awesome shots mate!

Flying an approach, very nice.

Lovely pictures, looks like a fun flight

@RileyBozina @Luke_King-kong

Thanks guys!