Dreamliner Engine Shut Down Mid-Flight

A Jetstar 787 had an engine shut down during the flight after receiving an oil pressure warning. The Dreamliner made a safe emergency landing in Guam after being scheduled to land in the Gold Coast.

Jetstar has identified many issues with the General Electric GEnx on their 787 fleet. There have previously been many similar occurrences on their flights. The engines have already been either replaced or serviced. An investigation is underway and General Electric is aware of the issues. It is understood that there may be a transfer gearbox problem.



Guess I’m not boarding a Dreamliner anytime soon…


Have a look at www.avherald.com, search any aircraft type and you’ll find many incidents.


I understand there are a million things that can and do go wrong with aircrafts all the time. However if you look at AV herald closer, many are unavoidable or minor incidents…this is a problem with every engine GE has put in the Jetstar Dreamliner fleet.
Bird strikes and a disappearing runway aren’t quite the same 😂

“flight AV-9524 from Bogota to Barranquilla (Colombia), was on final approach to Barranquilla’s runway 05 below 400 feet AGL around midnight local time when the runway suddenly disappeared in front of the cockpit windows prompting the crew to initiate an immediate go around.”

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