Dreamlifter wheel falls off during take off

Has anyone else seen this come across their news feeds in the last day or two? It just came across mine!

Apparently, a Dreamlifter was departing from the Taranto airport in Northern Italy on Tuesday after picking up 787 parts from Alenia Aeronautica. As it was performing the take-off roll, one of the rear wheels fell off.

It was able to successfully land in North Carolina after an eleven-hour flight and Boeing is currently inspecting the cause of the incident along with Atlas Air, which operates the Dreamlifter fleet.

According to AeroSavvy.com, one 747 wheel can weigh up to 270 lbs. Fortunately, no-one was harmed and the wheel itself bounced safely away as the aircraft finished take off.

Below is a video which captured the rare moment:

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Moved it over as there was no other and the incident itself is rather unique.


Thanks Schyllberg!

That’s what I thought! Not every day that you see a massive 270 lb wheel fall to the ground!


Must have been doing some dambusters training…


What if it was 74gear flying the dreamlifter?
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Dreamlifter 🤝 Toyota bZ4x

wheels falling off when they probably shouldn’t


Why I will never own a Toyota!🤣🤣🤣

That’s really weird!

also why do people always ,and I mean always, film aviation incidents with a potato? It’s not a bad thing but it’s rather common for some reason. 🤷🏾‍♂️


+ Toro Rosso STR5

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I have a Toyota

this made me laugh for some reason lol
hope everyone landed safely :D

Sorry, I wasn’t trying to offend anyone! I meant it as a joke.

“Oop wrong button”

I usually see a toaster oven being used

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Now I thought Boeing was safe

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haha! I’m more inclined to think that there Atlas is more at fault than Boeing.

While Boeing owns the Dreamlifers, the planes are actually flown by Atlas. Atlas is also responsible for day-to-day maintenance. Boeing only gets involved if there is a major problem that needs fixing.

Finally, an epic fail that didn’t end in a crash that is actually funny

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You’re not the only one thinking this!🤣🤣🤣

(although, it would be less funny if the tire nailed someone in the head)

I got it, dreamlifters are absolute heavy so because of the hard landing(not worse than Ryanair)the wheels kinda broke and while taking off they fell.

that’s one possibility. Another possibility is that the tire wasn’t secured properly when they replaced it. (assuming the tire got replaced in Italy)

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