[DREAMLIFTER] Spotting @ KPAE | August, 23rd, 2019

Hello IFC! While I was in the Seattle area, I of course had to pay a visit to the Boeing Everett Plant for the Boeing Tour (it was good and I highly recommend it). While I was at it, I figured I might as well do some spotting since they’ve got a brilliant observation deck there. I missed two 787 tests (Dreams take Flight and Juneyao Air) because I got stuck for over an hour at Pacific Crossing, but that’s alright (internal screaming intensifies).

While I didn’t see any flight tests, I did manage to catch this Dreamlifter in from Nagoya bringing 787 parts I assume.

Head on with the beast.

Taxiing on over to her stand.

Thank god this AN124 was delayed, else it would’ve departed long before I got there. This is the first and only 124 I’ve ever spotted.

Close up on that forehead.

Engine and Gear setup featuring lots of details.

The best I could do, this one just slept at the stand the entire rest of the day.

Thank you for viewing this!

Here’s my JetPhotos if you want to take a look: https://www.jetphotos.com/photographer/133954


Wow! The dream lifter is such a cool plane!

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First one is awesome!! 👊🏽😆great pics

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Beautiful photos, I can’t decide which one is my favorite, they’re all amazing.

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Wonderful pics! Cool to see the Dreamlifter on the other side of the NGO PAE Route. Hopefully I’ll be spotting in CLT when the Antonov comes one day. I really need some pics of it

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My goodness, these close ups really show how ugly the aircraft is.


For sure!


I’ve heard the AN124 visits CLT a lot is that true?

That’s plane racism smh
Kidding but I think the Dreamlifter looks cool in its own little ways.

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Wow amazing catches! That “Dreams Take Flight” is definitely the coolest livery one the 787!

Very nice pictures! Love the “Dreams Take Flight” 787

What camera do you use?

Yes it is! I’m so sad I missed it.

Beautiful plane


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