Dreaming to Paradise: Kenya Airways KQ250 HKJK-FSIA


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Time/Date: 8/12/2019 1030Z

Flight Details

Operator: Kenya Airways
Equipment: Boeing 787-8
Reg: 5Y-KZA 🇰🇪
Flight number: KQ250/KQA250
Callsign: KENYA 250
Flight Level: FL410
Flight time: 2:36h
Origin: Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Nairobi, Kenya 🇰🇪 (NBO/HKJK)
Departure time: Scheduled: 0945Z, Actual 1031Z 🔴
Destination: Seychelles International Airport, Mahé, Seychelles 🇸🇨 (SEZ/FSIA)
Arrival time: Scheduled 1300Z, Actual 1307Z 🟢

Resting at Gate 19 before pushback.

Positive climb…gear up

Right turn heading East. Mount Kenya(5199m) visible in the distance

Approaching the Indian Ocean. UNESCO World Heritage town Lamu, Kenya visible beside the nacelle.

2 hours of crossing the Indian Ocean. Finally…signs of life

Final turn on the RNAV approach to RWY 13…landing checklist complete…

On a very, very short final to RWY13, 500ft above the sea

Approaching Decision Height


At last, the dream ends in paradise.

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Vote on your favorite pic. If you have any ideas to improve the quality of my pics, please leave a comment below.

I’ve always wanted to fly to Seychelles but I was unable to get a perfect opportunity until today. It’s a beautiful country with thousands of Islands. The airport can handle aircraft up to the 777(flown twice daily by EK from DXB). I hope you enjoyed my photos.

All the best, Kiz


Great pics, but I think this belongs in #screenshots-and-videos


Yup, thanks for the correction.

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Ugh, making me match the colors to the pie chart. Lol. They are all similar colors!! What if I was color blind! Lol

The colours are given by discourse. You can click on the sector to check the number of votes per variable

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Whaaaaaaaa. That’s awesome. I learned something new! Thanks. And nice picks all around.

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