Dreaming on the Dreamliner | Cancun - Mexico City | 787-8 AeroMéxico


This is a breathtaking flight as it takes you along the cost of the Gulf of Mexico! This flight is regularly operated by AeroMéxico and is usually served by a B738, a hidden gem, AeroMéxico 568 uses one of my favorite aircraft, The Dreamliner! With this flights spectacular views in mind, I hope you enjoy these photos on one of my most scenic trips!

Let’s dive into more of the details!



Aircraft in use

787-8 Dreamliner (AeroMéxico)





Let’s see some pictures!

Loading up at the gate on a very hot day!

An American OneWorld B772 passenger watches as I begin my takeoff roll!

A Delta B739 at gate, as I strike through the high noon air of Cancun!

Reaching my cruising altitude of 38,000 as I begin my trek over the Gulf of Mexico!

After a short 1hr cruise I descend into a foggy Mexico City!

A fellow B788 First Officer watches as I touchdown on Runway 5R!

Through the eyes of a captain on a Lufthansa B747-8i during take-off roll. While I am in the foreground trekking towards my gate!

Through the eyes of another passenger, this time on an AeroMéxico B772, they watch as I unload in Mexico City!

Hope you enjoyed my photos!

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Love the window shots, nice work!

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I think I parked close to you around the same time you pulled in! i was an AM 757 :)

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Hey! I saw you! I hope you had a great flight!

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thanks! i actually did. It was veryyy surprising because i landed with a VS of -114, in the 757. So i was really happy lol

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the window shots are beautiful, ngl that first picture threw me off, i was thinking is that it was a visual glitch. Lol

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