Dream IF setup

During quarantine my goal is to make a dream Infinite Flight set up. Before I start my building however, I need to know what and what not works with IF. This includes joysticks, throttles, etc. The goal is to touch my phone screen as little as possible. So my question for the IFC is what and what not is compatible with IF?

LiveFlight Connect is no longer updated so it makes it harder to connect your joystick to IF. In my opinion, it’s not really necessary for yokes or throttle quadrants as its a mobile flight simulator :)

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Don’t buy that stuff just for IF. It won’t be worth it in the long run. Just not worth it.

As @ItsBlitz said, IF really isn’t optimized for joysticks and throttles. It’s a mobile sim.

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LiveFlight works fine as of now (for me), I would just get a joystick (throttle will be up to you).


Here are some recommendations.

As said above, LiveFlight Connect isn’t updated anymore. But you don’t joystick for Infinite Flight.

I have a stand setup. With my iMac / Monitor setup in front of me. Also have the classic liveflight setup only

I still use live flight connect to connect my joystick to IF. No problems at all.

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