Dream from the west🇨🇦

Calgary International Airport🇨🇦(CYYC/YYC) - Luchthaven Schiphol/Amsterdam Airport Schiphol🇳🇱(EHAM/AMS)

Flight time: 7:41

Server: Expert

Traffic in Calgary

how high does the ladder need to be for the spotter to take a picture of the plane from that angle?

Goodbye Calgary🇨🇦!

There are almost 32,000 lakes in Canada! just unbelieveble!

we’ve made it half way


We have reached the shores of Britain🇬🇧
(turn screen brightness to maximum)


The spirit of Canada🇨🇦

Welcome to Amsterdam🇳🇱!

Thank you for watching!



Lovely. I realy like those pictures, dreamliner is one of my favorite aircrafts! 😍


Amazing photos! I need to do a westjet route soon, my dad’s friend is a 737MAX pilot for them!

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If any math wizards want to get a solution to this, I will give them a virtual cookie.

Great shots @puuupra

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