Dream Chaser completes First Captive Carry Test

This is such a cool thing that is going to completely change the space, and in a whole, the aviation industry. Check it out!


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Dream Chaser, what a lovely name for such a dinky zoomie thingie. Incredibly interesting though. I wonder about the price differences it will have in the future between using this and the current methods for delivering cargo to ISS.


We know that NASA pays SpaceX $132.2 million USD for every Dragon capsule flight. The SNC Dream Chaser is more complex, has more cross-range capability (fancy way of saying flexibility on where it can land), and is launching on a rocket that is much more expensive. I would say that it will cost NASA around 195-215 million USD per launch to the ISS.

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Super cool looking aircraft! Has some resemblance to the Space Shuttle.

I knew that. 😂 I was running out of time and forgot to change it. Thank you!

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Space Shuttle cannot be replaced, don’t know why they want to make one, either accept the Falcon 9 is the next step, or go forward two more steps and bring back the space shuttle.

Isn’t Elon Musk trying to do this with SpaceX?

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With SpaceX, NASA awarded a contract to the company in 2008. I think they have attached a commercial craft to the ISS before. Though, I believe the ultimate goal is for commercial tourism to Mars.

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Not entirely sure. I read somewhere that Musk “magically” increased drive capability of Teslas used for Irma evacuation. Sounded pretty interesting.


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