Dream Airways [NEW VA!]

Dream airways is officially a thing now!
Looking for pilots to sign up.
All you need to do is private message me and I will write your name on the crew list for the website.
Concerning routes:
All of our operations will be in California. SFO area or SoCal.

Aircraft + Livery:
All aircraft with the Infinite Flight flying dev livery.

To sign up, PM me!
P.S.: Pilots MUST have at least a Grade 3 ranking. No exceptions.


You might want to make a website for the VA.

Good luck to your VA!


I have started the website. I have been inspired!

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Good luck! Gutes glĂĽck(German)

TravelSky wish you a great start for your airline and we hope to ear your callsigns throught the ATC communications!
Have a nice day Dream team!

Oh good, another new VA. good luck with the start up, what regions you going to operate in? Which aircraft and routes you planning on?

Good luck from Star Alliance! We hope to see you guys flying around soon!


Good luck from The Skyliner Group!

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Regions will be all in California. Both the SFO area and the SoCal area. That is, IF anyone decides to join…so far nobody seems to be interested or care. I’m getting discouraged. All the other VAs seem to be having no trouble recruiting…dang.

That’s not true lol. You just started so it will take time. JetBlue has also just started and hasn’t gotten anyone yet but we know soon people will start joining and this will also be the case for your va

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I thought you were in another VA?

You can be in multiple VAs.

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Got it. Didn’t know that.

Anyway, thanks. I’ll need you to PM me your grade, capabilities, and flight hours.

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