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Good afternoon IFC! So today I’m going to be making a thread about something rather interesting for all you Artists out there! So, if you know, there is a thread called
“Suggest any aircraft, We’ll draw it!”
(Remade) Suggest Any Aircraft, We'll Draw It!
It’s basically a thread well, as you can tell, we draw! Draw what? Well, draw anything aviation related such as; Aircraft, helicopters, gliders ,etc… Now let me tell you this, there are some really talented drawers out there, so don’t be fooled by their amazing talent. :)

So, let’s get back on topic. Drawing tips. Oh, there are so many, I have to narrow them down into basic steps. So first, Ensure you have all the materials needed. Here’s a list.

  • graphite pencils. 2B, B, H, 2H (to your preference)
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Rulers. use accurate rulers, like the ones used in architectural drawing.
  • Eraser Make sure you can erase your mistakes!
    There are more, like colour pencils, and markers, but that’s if your doing coloured drawings.
    So get ready your materials, sharpen them, etc. When you think your ready, grab yourself a piece of paper. A4 size is recommended.

Step 1. Gather the picture you are going to draw. A picture can assist you in gathering key points of detail like the; Cockpit, lettering/branding, Wings, flaps… Pick a picture that you like. let your imagination take place.

Step 2 Inspect your picture. Take different perspectives on how you’re gonna conquer the picture. Look from every angle, and start from where you think is easiest. Whether that’s the Engine, the nose, the back, or the fuselage.

Step 3 Alright, now that you’re set, start drawing basic shapes and lines. First, take a look at my photo below. You see many vertical and horizontal lines. Basically, they are used to have an idea on where a specific component of the plane will go there. Take a look at the engines. They’re of a circular shape, so you draw a circular shape. You get the point. So once you finish drawing the basic shapes and outlines of the aircraft, move on to step 4!
Your drawing should look something like this :

Step 4. Great! Now that you’ve drawn you’re first and basic shapes, let’s move on to filling in the gaps. Step 4 is very important. Take a look at the picture, does it need any improving? Maybe there are some gaps, so you fill those gaps as precisely as possible, to make your drawing look outstanding! Basically, finish the main outline of the aircraft.

Step 5 Alright! Let’s start adding some details! So now this is probably the hardest step. It really varies from person to person. Some people like their drawings to be super detailed, like me, and some people like drawings that are super simple. So start adding those details like; the cockpit, flaps, engine frame, lettering, livery, etc…

Step 6 Ok, we’re getting close! Hang in there. So now that the details are added, start the shading! I personally find shading easy. Some tips for shading:

  1. When shading, to blend tones use a paper towel and slowly, and gently rub it against the shaded area from hard, to soft. And you will get an awesome effect!
  2. Make sure when shading, you use a series of tones. Light, dark, light to dark, etc.
  3. Use different pencils when shading to add depth to your drawing.
  4. Use the layered method. Adding layers, and layers each time you shade.

Step 7 THE LAST STEP! This step is basically the “Tiding up” step. take a look at your drawing. Look at it from different angles. Does it make sense? Are there any more things you can add to make the drawing look better? Ask yourself these things, trust me, the help a lot!
The final thing to do, is to take an eraser, and start erasing some smudges or lines you think are bad, or don’t fit the drawing.

And Voila! you’ve got yourself a pretty decent drawing! Maybe put a frame around it, or hang it on your wall. Because it’s all your hard work you’ve put into it! Just remember, use BravoCharlie’s method;

  1. Simple shapes,
  2. Details,
  3. shading,
  4. Cleaning,
    I hope you guys liked my tutorial for drawing great aircraft! Here are some of my very best drawings:

Thanks so much for reading! Any have a nice day/night! :)


Very interesting stuff here. Very very interesting tips.


Wow that Delta A320 is 🔥. Great tips!


Your art skill is amazing!


Hi there! I wanted to make a separate topic due to the number of PM’s I’ve been getting for tips. I chose to make a separate topic so anyone that is just bored, surfing through the community can look at this, and maybe possibly try to draw using my tutorial. :)


Thanks a lot! :)


That’s very interesting and you got talent mate!

My art teacher once called my art booklet “an insult for the subject she’s teaching” so I guess that drawing will never be a great talent of mine. Got some other qualities though. Eating and sleeping for example.

Fun aside: Keep that up. Can’t wait to see more in the future.


Thanks so much Marc! I really appreciate it :)

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Also anyone else here in love with that signature Aha!


Also, if anyone is mixed up, feel free to PM me for assistance :)

Thank you so much is will save my art mark in school

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Haha! Anytime buddy ;)

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Wow these are great. I used to try to draw aircraft but I was never very good and I especially could never draw the nose so I kinda gave up, you got any tips on that?

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I would move this to Tutorials but I don’t know where. Awesome details!

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Not gonna lie I lost you at the third step lol. Nice job!

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Hi! I was actually going to put it there, but for some reason, I didn’t have the option to put it to the “tutorials section,” And thanks!

No worries!
So basically on the third step, first take a look at the picture I drew. It has many lines right? Basically, I drew horizontal and vertical lines to know in what space will a specific thing be in. If you take a look at the engine, it’s of a circular shape. That’s what I meant by start of by drawing basic shapes. If you are still confused, feel free to PM me anytime :)

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Yeah! I feel you. Here’s a tip. About a year ago, I had no clue how to draw the nose and the wings. So basically what I did, was I actually traced. Start by tracing a picture over your device. Trace different pictures each time you do a drawing. And after practicing and mastering “tracing”, then try to draw without tracing. You will naturally know the shapes and curves in the nose, because you get used to tracing. If you don’t understand, or want more tips, feel free to Pm me! ;)

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Oh my God ! So beautiful I am literally without words … The b787-9 Air France lord I will fall in the apples … So much do really congratulate!

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Thanks so much! I really appreciate it! Remember, if you would like me to draw any aircraft, fell free to do so on the suggestion thread! :)

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