Drawing Tablet or Draw on an Android Tablet?

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Is this related to infinite flight? Like are you asking which one would work better with IF on?

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I realy dont think this is appropriate.

Because if you aren’t then you should be posting it somewhere else like a technology forum or something because this category is only for infinite flight stuff

I think you should read the https://community.infiniteflight.com/faq and A Beginner's Guide to the Forums before posting to the comunitay.

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Welcome to the Infinite Flight Community, feel free to post, comment and like things to do with IF and read the A Beginner's Guide to the Forums
And https://community.infiniteflight.com/faq. Before posting again. Thanks and have a good time on IFC👌

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I think you’ve mistaken the point of this forum…
This is forum related to infinite flight, not drawing.

However, we do have a drawing suggestion thread here:

@mosheng is asking for a recommendation on a drawing pad. No were does it say Infinite Flight

I know that…

No need for anymore discussion. OP asked an invalid question for the IFC forum. As stated should’ve been asked on a completely different website.

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