Drawing suggestions

Can someone please correct me if I already made a topic similar,But, I would like a experts help to tell me when you draw how do find a picture. For me landing is harder because of the wings.In addition, the 3d pictures are hard

Note: I have seen @BravoCharlie’s post

And @Rock77’a post

there’s a thread you can post that message in

Ok. Just need a fast response because small topics take a while

You can get ideas from here.

True. But I would like suggestions

Sorry it’s difficult with me but I can’t learn quickly

Remember one thing, practice makes perfect. The more you draw the better you’ll get👍

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If you want suggestions check the thread I post it above

Alaska B738 then, you can post it in this topic.

Ok it can be closed. Hopefully I have a fat response

This is a forum for Infinite Flight. Not a forum for drawing.