Drawing in the Sky Question!

Where do you guys find a flight plan that draws something in the sky?


Uh, if it has been done IRL, Flightaware.com works.

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You can look them up or talk to some people who have flight planes like that you can just pm them I have a 787 or the u.s if you would like that.

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I assume you mean drawing a custom picture in the sky, such as a house or tree?


I am hosting a group flight in 8 minutes drawing a 787 if you would like to come

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Thanks! But I can’t come sadly!

Is there any other website

Not quite to my knowledge no. But the tutorial I linked above works extremely well if you have some artistic skills and time (Trust me you don’t need very much artistic skills)

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BOE4, the 787 drawing.

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Boeing Virtual has to give that a try sometime!

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