Drawing competition sign up quickly!

This drawing competition will last from Dec 4th to Dec 8th, 2019! No I am not partnering up with anyone, I am making this by myself.
Now to the fun stuff, you will be drawing a Delta 777-200LR,
The competition ends precisely at this time:

Please make sure you know this time in your time zone and post your drawings before that time!

This is the picture that you HAVE to draw if you decide to participate

If you want to sign up, please comment down below!
On December 8th, at that time, I (or another judge and myself) will make a decision and post the winner on this thread!

Drawing can be done with or without color
Any size paper
You CANNOT edit a digital picture, it has to be hand drawn
It should be hand-drawn not traced
I will put together a judging panel, so try your hardest! (Not completely sure about the panel of judges)

If you think of any other rules, let me know below!

No prizes, just bragging rights and a good feeling on the inside :)



I’ll sign up

Alright! I’ll put you up!

Yes please!

Good to hear!

Sign me Up Please :)

Q: Do I have to draw that exact picture?

Sign me up! Mind putting in some rules?

Yes you do
@ThomasThePro I will!
I’ll sign you up

What about judging @November-Kilo16

Hello, I think this is a great idea therefore I hate to be that person but this is a quote from @ schyllberg he left when closing similar threads not to long ago.

“Sorry but we will have to pull the plug on this now as it’s escalating.

Even though we’d like to encourage your artistic skills, this community is not the place for that.
#General is for topics related to Infinite Flight and unfortunately, these kind of topics does not fall within that category.”

Now I don’t know if this is different since it is in the #real-world-aviation category but I just thought I would give you a heads up…



Thanks for the heads up! Well if moderators close it… welp

I will be judging myself, or if possible I am going to put together another person to judge with me. I don’t think the poll would work out :) would you like to sign up?

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Sign me up, however this will probably be closed like all other drawing competitions.

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You are actuly saying @November-Kilo16 hint hint, nudge nudge I’m good at judging drawings.


I will PM whoever I want on the judging panel :). If the mods close it , well then, as of now nothing has happened so, let us carry on.

I stand by my previous statement about this.