Drawing airplanes!

I do a lot of plane drawings! I love to draw, but I don’t only do planes, I can also draw other stuff too, but since this is about aviation, I want to show everyone my drawings :). Suggest another airplane you would like me to draw below (I mostly draw without color btw). This is a CRJ900 with the registration being N610CT. Guess the person! I will also include your Ident in my drawings!


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I’m pretty sure this is a duplicate …

No one has been posting in there recently

By the way, I already know about that fourm, but I’d like to make my own.

@Carson, is this allowed?

I think this should be in RWA too since this doesn’t fit in General.

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Sure this is allowed, just to talk about this specific drawing.

It’s an Infinite Flight livery, so it can stay in general.

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Oh ok no problem Carson😆

The other forum is active, is just that not alot of people has been drawing. I’d post some of mine there lately.

I’ve changed my mind, this is exactly like the other topic. You can accept requests there too:)