Dramatic FPS drops 2/3s of the way in a 3 hour flight

I have been flying for 3 months now with the reworked aircraft on my iPhone 2020 SE (same chip as the iPhone 11) at 60fps high settings in busy events without no problem at all though I turn anti aliasing off and put the frame rate down to 30fps to keep the device cool. Two thirds of my flight from Hong Kong to Singapore Changi I noticed a large difference in my frame rate that felt like the sim was only at 5fps. Has anyone got the same problem?

It happens to me once or twice, but then I already have a somewhat old device, but I am a few months away from changing the device, and seeing what happens, to see if it is the iPad or the Infinite flight. If I spend most of my flights, sometimes with traffic, or sometimes I have no one around me.


Thank you for your reply! Hope everything works out well for you?

It’s possible this is related to the issue Laura mentioned in her recent tik tok. I don’t think a fix has been pushed for it yet.

But basically, runway markings that you fly over and that load in during your flight are taking up way too much memory. When combined with other aircraft around you and medium to high graphics, this causes lag and crashes on some devices as flights wear on. If you haven’t lowered your graphics to low while cruising I’d do that. Otherwise, it’s most likely a bit out of your control

Source: https://twitter.com/lauraviatrix/status/1449060171158806540?s=21

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I have this issue too;
However, I have Low Power Mode turned on which is supposed to reduce memory usage (I think)

If you have not this feature on, maybe its just that your device is somewhat slow for the rendering resolution set.

About runway markings, when in cruise, at high altitude, these do not load because obviously this would slow down the sim way too much.

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Look at the video… Laura directly says they do lol. And then the memory doesn’t clear them, causing issues

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That had to do with something during a beta phase. Not for public release :)


Do you think that if this problem of FPS drops is solved?

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Thank you for the explanation! I turned on low power mode and it helped quite a bit. iPhones tend to not have as much ram as androids

This sounds more like a device throttling down a lot, than anything else. Better is if people would just restart their devices more often :)

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Very strange, since even one with an iPad pro with an M1 chip sometimes has a drop in FPS.

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