Drains my battery (SOLVED)


Hey dude, is there any possibility you could go into Settings →Battery and take a screenshot of your recent app usage, including system usage? As Chris said, it’s highly unlikely that IF is the culprit of bad drainage.


try also turning screen brightness all the way down


The note 5 is quite an old phone. I used to have a note 5 bur replaced it. If you lower the screen brightness, it might help.


The only big app my phone has is IF. I uninstalled every other game. I have the usual apps, Snapchat, Instagram, Discord, YT, etc. Been using those for years and never had issues.


Yes, however you could have one of these apps drawing an unusual amount of power. For example, I’ve noticed that Snapchat on occasions draws lots of power due to having the camera active.

Your phone is several years old and the battery will have deteriorated, apps are less optimised. IF is of course going to draw more power than usual… On high settings, it draws a lot of power on even new devices.

You kinda just need to expect that your phone isn’t going to manage its battery consumption as much anymore. Other phones of the same age suffer from similar issues


It doesn’t really bother me, I just wanted to make it aware. Thank you