Dragonair to become Cathay Dragon launch date and details

Dragonair will be officially be rebranded on the 21st of November 2016. This launch will include

  • The Name and logo change to all gate signs and airports.
  • New luggage tags and Stationary items.
  • New Cabin Crew uniform
  • The Dragonair website will just turn up with the Cathay Pacific website.
  • Some other small things are like name tags and stuff.

More info to come.

This was all from the latest edition of CX World.


(Note this is not a duplicate, Others were made to confirm the rebrand of Dragonair, this was made to give out details and the date of the rebrand)


marketing $$$$

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That livery looks pretty than the old one🐉🐲

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I love Cathay Dragon’s livery, it’s so fresh and clean, yet effective.

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Thats a nice livery!

More information coming tonight,

That livery is soo clean😍, hmm it would look so cool with a dragon on it, don’t u think?

The day of the switch is 2 weeks away.

Details from CX: http://www.cathaypacific.com/cx/en_HK/cathaydragon/introduction.html?sf41377521=1#next-image

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I like the look of it! Also like the name.

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