Dragonair is now Cathay Dragon

Today is the day, Cathay Dragon is now in effect with the 21st of November (HKG Time). With this the name Dragonair is now history.

The new things that Cathay Dragon will bring are the new signs and livery as well as a new logo. New Cabin Crew accessories. The website now comes up onto Cathay Pacific and boarding passes and other bits and pieces like bag tags will change to the new name.

(This is what now comes up on Hong Kong Airport)

The livery which many people have seen will go from this

To this

Signs and other things will be published soon as the name has only been in effect for a few hours.

Here is a video that Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon have released a few hours ago.

This is not a duplicate with this.

This is just stating that it is now Cathay Dragon not Dragonair.

What do people think?


I don’t really know about them so it doesn’t really affect me. :)

If it was reguarding a Virgin America and an Alaskan merge, I would be quite sad like I already am. 😂


I thought this happened a long time ago…

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Cant wait to fly them next year from Hong Kong to Beijing/Shanghai …

Today is the official transformation day, so when Lan an Tam did their last flights separately and then became LATAM the next day.


The LATAM situation is different. They merged in 2011-2012 (not sure) but repainted and advertised as LATAM in 2016


I believe it was in 2012 when they begun with a codeshare agreement or something.



I’ve flown on Cathay many times, but not Dragonair for some reason.

Cathay Dragon seems like a pretty odd sounding name for an airline if you ask me

Better then Dragon Air , Cathy Dragon is owned by the Cathy Pacfic brand … Hence why they placed Cathy in front of dragon !

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Ok cheers for the info

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I think they should remove the blue line across the fuselage

Was Dragon Air always owned by Cathay Pacific? I thought it was their LoCo Carrir in same ways that Germanwings is Lufthansa LoCo carrier?

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