“Dragon 179, hold short RWY 7L”

“Dragon 179, hold short runway 7L”

Flight Info:

Route: VHHH (Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR) - ZHSC (Hangzhou, China)
Flight Time: 2h10m
Callsign: Dragon 179
Aircraft: Cathay Dragon (in former Dragonair livery) A321



Can I go out and say that Dragonair is a hell of a cool callsign.

Great photo, really liking it. I love the editing, made it look super realistic.


I was in the 777 I landed in Newark a few hours ago.


Dragon 179, behind the traffic line up an wait RWY 07L behind!

Unique perspective which suits the A321 very well! Thanks for sharing!

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Amazing job, love the reflections and the lighting. And happy IFC cakeday!

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It’s actually Dragon, not Dragonair. Sorry about that!


Slightly off-topic, but I was wondering whether you like this livery more (former) or the new livery that came along with the Cathay Dragon rebrand?

Were you? Was your display name Captain Andrew?

Beautiful photo.

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Cathy fest! Great photo mate, nicely timed

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Thanks @Helmethead and @Louis!

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Wow! I love the editing! Very nice!

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Yes it was

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Oh, haha cool!