"Dragging" your aircraft to different spots

I think it would be helpful if you could spawn at an airport in solo and place your aircraft. You could drag it to the spot you wanted to be, and decide the altitude and speed. This could be helpful if you wanted to practice something like intercepting the localizer, or just to speed up your flight. Only in solo though!


🤔🤔🤔🤔I still don’t get your idea, can you explain it well?

It is a lazy option to not takeoff or taxi.

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Oh😦 But is more realistic if you do the entire flight phases (taxi take off flight…landing)

Great idea for solo.

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Why that’s not true. This could help you practice approaches

True but there is a landing button when you tap on the runway spawn point that could help with that.

I understand why people are concerned about laziness, but it’s only in solo and could be used to improve your skills in different aspects of flight efficiently.

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I vote yes for this idea.

PS @Belfast_spotter approaches and landings are different things. Sure you can spawn on at final but that doesn’t let you practise on intercepting the glideslope, setting up your flaps etc etc.

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