Drag/Taxi & Landings

Apologies if this has been asked somewhere before.
1, With the new update for ATC to issue a specific route to assigned runway. How am I able to make it easy for me to taxi via that specific route? I have to always open the large map and zoom in to make sure that I am following the right route. Is there a better way for this? Would it be an idea that maybe as we taxi an arrow could guide us in the right way since there are no ground signs to follow?

2, How are people able to do so much landings in a short span? Like I see on the leaderboards people with 700 landings within the span of 7 days… Even lately I saw someone with over 206 flying hours in the span of 7 days… How is that even possible?? I mean we have 168hrs in 7 days…

  1. I believe this is a good idea for a Features topic, the addition of visual signs for external cameras could be worth making a topic. Currently the D&T is only visible on the map in the HUD and cockpit cameras.

  1. It’s actually fairly easy to farm landings. Landings can be made at a minimum of 30 seconds between landings. There are several airports where it is easy to make a lot of landings. EGLL, KEDW are some of them.

Do not hesitate to ask more questions, or if you want précisions.


Thanks a lot Mathurin. Much appreciated!!!

I would like to learn how to farm landings… Do you maybe have a video on YT to watch or?

Honestly you can’t ´learn’ how to farm landings…

Just spawn in any aircraft in casual and land as many times as possible.

Yeah but on casual server the landings don’t count on expert :)… The 90 day rule just made me lose my grade downwards and trying to catch up again.

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