Drag and Vector Tool Bug


Recently when I was controlling Lima Center. I found a bug where the drag and vector tool didn’t show the correct top of the terrain. I’ve never had this happen before while controlling.

Device Remarks

IPad 9.7
IOS 14.4.2

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I have also had this bug before. I usually can fix it by releasing and then re-trying on the same aircraft. Does that work for you?

Sometimes it lags, if you drag it over a mountain, you got to give it a few seconds to refresh. Does that help?

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The Drag and vector tool isn’t perfect, especially the minimum terrain part, it can be way off at some times and because of which i faced some problems during my radar training, and at that time my trainer adviced me that the best bet is to look at the ifatc.org website for detailed terrain information or better have a chart handy it really helps.


The altitude tool only works if you drag a very short distance from the plane and even then it’s quite unreliable if there’s terrain. Your best bet is relying on ifatc.org maps and/or charts.

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Yes, I tried to do that and the same thing happened

I did give it a few seconds and it still was happening

Thanks Divyansh and Rob! I do use the website a lot and it does work.


This has occurred to me plenty of times. Most common when you go over terrain too fast it almost “doesn’t catch up”.

To fix I just go over slowly. Though it is frustrating it is better than getting it wrong.

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This has been a thing forever, for some years. You can’t trust drag and vector’s terrain altitude information. It can give you random values in spots. It’s a good backup to your backup’s backup though.


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