'Drag and vector' tool as a radar controller

Ok, Im going to get straight to the point
How exactly do you use the drag and vector feature as the approach controller? I know when I have to use it (I have read the ATC manual up to that point) but, as much as the manual is very, very helpful I don’t know how exactly to do this. After I tap on the aircraft I want to set the radar vectors for, what exactly do I have to do? Thanks

Easy: tap and drag the aircraft you want to vector, and as you drag you’ll see a line connecting it to your finger point. As you move around, the information displayed above your finger changes (the explanation is on the manual page for the feature). When you let go you can choose to issue that vector with or without an altitude assignment.

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Ohh so you drag the aircraft? Ok that makes sense, firstly I thought you tap on the aircraft and then you tap on the specific point.
And as for the rest of the information you gave me, thanks I will use that. Thanks so much for your help

Sorry I created a whole topic for this, but I was confused on this for a long timw

There must be a video tutorial on the IF YouTube channel showcasing this feature!

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Though it’s not a “drag and vector” tutorial, it’s demonstrated in video form in the center tutorial, which can be found in the ATC manual section linked below :)


I heard “volunteer” there 😉


Ohhh lol Im on 6.3 of the manual, that must be why Im still confused on it
But 6.3 is actually about dragging and vectoring, Im sure it would have been explained there

And as for the tutorial, I watched all tutorials around like last year on the IF channel. I’m pretty sure the drag and vector feature was already a feature around that time?
But I think I’ll revisit the ATC tutorials and check

Yup, 6.3 has it in written form (pretty detailed if you ask me). If you’d like to see it in video form, both 6.6 and 6.9 have video tutorials utilizing the feature.

Drag and vector has been around for quite a while, it’s a great feature that certainly makes radar much easier ;)

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Oh yes I found the video on 6.6, I’ll watch it now, thanks
6.3 just got me a little bit confused.
Thanks for your help

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Im going to make sure I get the hang of it, then I will flag this for closure. Thanks again for all your help everyone

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