Drag and taxi

How do you, as a Pilot in a plane, (not Atc!) see the route given to you by Atc? I have the hotfix and I am on training

I actually don’t know. Sorry!

zoom in on the map

Ok! Thanks guys.

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I don’t see it…

The command did say “taxi to runway via…” right?

No, it didn’t.

That’s why, you are at an airport where the drag taxi is not available

Is it available at KLAX?

It should be

Problem is, that is where I was

There is a chance that ATC wasn’t sure how to do the drag taxi, so they might have done it the original way

Ok. Thank you all for your help.

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Hello there fellow southwest Pilot the best way to fix this is to zoom into you map while going but it has to say “Taxi Via ****” then you will get the drag to taxi and there should be a purple thing that will show you how to get there.

liingliing804 or Southwest 430

Wasn’t Drag and Taxi left off of the training server…?

Wait… nevermind.

Currently not available at KLAX due to the taxiway network needing an update

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Drag and Taxi doesn’t work at Denver KDEN in expert server

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