Drag And Taxi

Looks like Drag and Taxi feature doesn’t seems to work for all users and on all servers ?

Any one tried it ? A Non-IFATC member may be .

I don’t think it is available for all servers, even if i’m wrong, what airport did you try?


EGLL , RJTT , VOCL airports I did tried

Yeah try KLAX or something

Working ? Is it


As per the 24.1 Blog post, Drag and Taxi will only be available on the Expert Server in this update, meaning only IFATC Controllers will have access to it for now.

The use of Drag and Taxi is also limited to airports with a complete taxiway network, which is something done by Airport Editors.

Hope this helped! Feel free to ask any further questions if you have them.


That has been edited after I raised the issue to Jason.