Drag and Taxi Issues?

Device: iPhone 13
Operating system: iOS 17.4

I was controlling RJAA in the training server, I was there for about 1 hour or so, when a plane requested taxi to the gate … at the terminal … (I don’t remember) and I used the drag and taxi feature because there was another plane close and I didn’t want them to collide. When I did that my game crashed, I went back to my phone’s home screen, I loged in again at RJAA and the same plane requested again and when I told him to taxi it happened again, my game crashed. So I don’t know if it is the airport or the feature but something happened there.


It’s a known issue that the app sometimes crashes when using this feature and as you said sometimes it’s also related to one specific plane which crashes the app over and over again when trying to drag a route for them.

It will likely get fixed in a future update but for now the only workaround is to not use drag and taxi for the specific plane that’s causing issues.

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