“Drag and Taxi” Feature

This will so nice big change and better doo

I would really like this

This feature needs to be implemented, sooner rather than later lol.

I like the sound of this but I’m out of votes 🥲

I need this asap. I was controlling EKCH local today and ground was a mess. Arriving and departing traffic conflicting with each other head on…literally.

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In my personal opinion, this needs to be prioritized over new scenery updates, or new aircraft. This will immensely help IFATC manage aircraft better at busy airports and thus increase the user experience for everyone. Scenery and planes are great and all, but when you’re nose to nose with someone on a taxiway, suddenly that stops mattering…Please get this done IF team <3


I like this

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Interesting! Hope it gets added.


I would love to see it but it would be also more awesome if we get One prog taxi command like „ turn left taxiway right , cross 4L give way to the aircraft on your left „ … this would be 3 commands. On busy frequency’s it can take ages til the pilot response … and react .

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Agreed, though at this point I think it’s better just to go straight to drag and taxi, as when that comes, the specific instruction by instructions probably won’t be needed unless a pilot doesnt follow instructions (ig that’s an argument tho)


Excellent idea. Airports in IF really need their respective taxiway names, and this feature would only elevate the sim. Plus, it’s not impossible to make because it’s already implemented for approach control. VOTED!

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Bump! We really need this in game, it will help with a congested airport and allows for better flow.

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This feature is by far one of the most needed to enhance ground realism !

this feature is still very needed !

We need this it will be such a good feature to get pilots to. Realistic gate while controlling you should have this for tower too for things like back taxi and stuff

I love this!!