Drag and click

Here’s the issue I’m giving a solution to;
When newcomers try to be approach or departure they have no idea of where the different degrees are or in what direction they are in so it’s often hectic trying to learn this and you make a lot of mistakes which causes frustration for you and the pilot.

Here’s the idea of how to fix it;
Approach and departure can click and hold at an aircraft and then when they move their finger a yellow arrow/line will come out and move with the finger. Once the controller let go the the same command will come out from tower with the appropriate degrees from where the arrow/line falls. This will make it become more accurate, less time consuming, and more effective to be approach and departure and all airports.

I’m pretty sure that what you just described is already a feature in the game…

Watch through this video and you’ll see at some points he uses this feature!

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Is it really?

Yep it does exist for approach and departure frequencies! 🙂

It is in this tutorial for ATC. It is called the “drag and vector”


Sorry you guys, I didn’t know. Thanks for letting me know though, this will make it a lot easier for me lol

No worries, just flag this and we’ll be off! 😀

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