Today, The best Bush Plane, DRACO, Was totaled in a ground loop at the Reno air races. Mike, the owner, has posted a video on it and it’s sad to see such a great plane in the state it is.


No injuries reported.


Been following this on social media this morning talk about a bad time to wreck Draco. Rest Easy Draco.


Weird thing is all throughout today ive been thinking about draco in infinite flight and didnt know any of this happened till now.

So funny! I was watching the news and on the IFC at the same time and they were reporting about this as I read this…

Glad everyone is ok as there are no reported injuries


I really felt for him, been following his journey with Draco for a while.


Ime to check up on Trent Palmer’s YouTube Channel again. This is sad. I hope everyone is all right, but Draco was such an awesome plane!

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Draco was quite the piece of engineering. The fuel system was one of my favorite parts of it, watch the videos of you get the time. Sad to see it go.


So have i. It’s always fun watching him and Trent Palmer

Trent will probably do a video on it based on past events


The winds sound pretty crazy. It least Trent didn’t crash but this is still really sad

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Wow, that’s sad. Saw this thing outside of the Garmin hangars at Oshkosh and wanted to take a picture but didn’t have time. Wonder if I will ever be able to see it fly again :(

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Oh no. At Oshkosh did you know like what the plane was or did you just think oh another plane @Aceorbit

Yea I knew what it was and I had seen the videos before, just didn’t get a chance to get a picture of myself infront. :/

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I wonder what Mike is going to do now. Will he get a Cub again or remake Draco

He’s probably going keep building his Carb Cub

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Had a chance meet Draco and the Pateys at the Great Aviation Gathering, we hope to see them next year!


How do you total it that bad but nobody is hurt?

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What or who is DRACO ? Is it like it looks like, this thing has a PT-6 installed or any other Turbine?
The question is…if you don’t have to…why do you…take off in these conditions.I am sure this guy has a lot of experience flying this/his plane…

Draco is a highly modified PZL 104 Wilga known as “Draco”, owned by Mike Patey a very well known aviation/youtuber pilot.

After he had an engine failure on his PZL 104 Wilga, Mike decided to make it into a turbine, adding a PT-6 and a ton of other modifications

He wasn’t expecting a gust of wind to pick up during his take off.

As he still says - He still was learning to fly the machine.

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