DR400/500 President

Robin President 4 DR400 / 500 (200 HP)

At the top of the range, the DR401 / 200i is a four-seat “grand touring”. Capable of crossing milestones of 1500 km and crossing at nearly 150 knots, it takes off short even at full load and altitude, thanks to its 200 horses injection engine, associated with a variable pitch propeller.

It is available with or without a wing tank (Country). The wing profile of the Country favors the rate of climb.

Number of places 4/5

Engine Lyco IO-360 200 tax horsepower

Propeller Hartzell not variable

Maximum mass 1100 kg

Payload 490 kg

Wingspan 8.72 m

Standard tank capacity 185 liters and 275 liters

Max. Operating range 1050 km

  • with tank sup. 90 liters 1570 km

Climbing speed 4.9m / s

Takeoff distance 460 m

Landing distance 530 m

altitude breathable atmosphere 10000 feet

maximum speed 180kts

stall speed 70kts

cruising speed150kts

I use to fly this in FSX all the time! I would love to see one of these on IF!!

it’s the plane where I made my first flight in the cockpit

be careful the speed is in groundspeed and not airspeed

Got my PPL on a DR-400 :)


How does it handle?

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Its f-hrez, not f-hertz

I just corrected

Sorry i dont understand


Laura, the creator of IF got her Pilots license on this aircraft. That is what she is saying.

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elle a reçu sa licence de pilote dans un


Ok thanks i understand

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The dr400/500 is very handy