Dr.Liu's ATC Tracking Thread - [Passed] @ GCLP

Welcome to
Dr.Liu’s ATC Tracking Thread

Thanks everyone once again for your kind feedback! I am thrilled to announce that I have passed my practical exam! ☺️

Server: Training
Frequency: Ground and Tower
Airport: GCLP
Runways: 03L and 03R

Current status:
Estimated closing time: -

Goal of ATC tracking thread :
Practice before official practical test.

Focus Areas:
Anything, but mainly pattern work, runway change, go-around.

Your participation would be greatly appreciated!

PS: My replies requires approval :(
That is why you don’t see my reply right away,
but all the feedback are much obliged!
And yes, it’s still open untill above-mentioned time!

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Feedback for N1HJ

I would recommend having planes use right traffic for both runways at this airport. (At least for GA) I was about 200 feet above the mountain

For your landing clearance I would clear them a bit later, around when they are on downwind. I got the clearance just when I turned crosswind.

For aircraft exiting 03R i would say exit any direction, not just right. That way they can also go to the GA apron and terminal.

That’s all from me, good job. Can’t wait to see you in IFATC!

After i saw that others was joining, i did a few more patterns to test you on GAs/RW changes, and i must say your handling it very good! If you do this on your practical you will probably pass. great job!

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Still open?

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All good on my side as well, I agree on the low altitude in the lefthand downwind. But you quickly changed it to right hand (anyway this is not ATC but airport procedures… unless you have access to the charts you can’t really know.).

I did vacate left as I wanted to go on the north side. But was quickly cleared to cross.

Maybe a bit early for the go around to the traffic behind, how about a runway change with a final joining ? In pattern practice it is not uncommon.

Overall, it looked good for me.



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Thank you very much for the feedback! Much Obliged!

Yes, it is!

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All good on my end, superb controlling!

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Hey! N93SC here

No issues from me, good job!

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Thanks everyone once again for your kind feedback! I am thrilled to announce that I have passed my practical exam! ☺️



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Welcome to IFATC!

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Welcome to the team; congrats 🎉

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