Dozens of B777s grounded after the incident in Denver

Yea, OWP2021s!!

What is that supposed to mean?

Very interesting that it isnt only the 777 pratt engines. It is its smaller and other variants as-well…

Also weird this is all occurring now within a week of each other.

The thing is, that a lot of airliners are using the triple to space people out, I’m heading to Miami this weekend for my birthday and we weee supposed to fly first class on the triple, but it’s on hold now and the 737 might be N option, and get this, I’ve never flown the triple in my life, so, yay?

I have a feeling this isn’t just a maintenance issue or a coincidence, something about this seems fishy, I just can’t put my finger on it

That the engines are hollow for weight issues, a bit yea

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Since they’re hollow I have a feeling it gives the engine more ability to vibrate since they’re lighter which might cause strain on any parts like the fan blades.

And a Delta 757 had an engine failure, with P&W engines

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Exactly, they have to make it a little or just thicker, like in the video the engine was windmilling, so that shows that the engines were very light and were strained, hopefully I can still ride the triple 7 on my way to Miami

Honestly if they don’t have a 777 for your flight they’ll probably throw you on a MAX or a dreamliner

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Probably, a 787 is nicer.

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I have the feeling that we are getting a bit off-topic here. This is about the 777s, no other PW incidents. Thanks for the info BTW

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Well, first things first. Happy Birthday. If you’ve never flown on a 777 in your life, your seriously missing out. It’s one of me best experiences. Next, the first class on a 737 is about the same as a premium economy seat on a 777, so if it is a 737, get a refund; It ain’t worth it. So no, yay…if your lucky they’ll switch is to a -300ER, if not, guess you’ll be spending your birthday somewhere else.

I honestly believe this is a P&W issue. This isn’t an isolated event so who knows.

Japan Air 777, United 777 (2018), United 777(Current), and that 747 over Netherlands. All of these had the P&W PW4000

Way too fishy.

Less than a month after the 737 MAX started flying for airlines again, we’ve started seeing numerous issues with P&W jets (United 777 and the 747 over the Netherlands). Then there’s the past incidents as well. The thing is, all of these incidents have happened on Boeing planes.

It’s most likely either a maintenance issue or a problem on P&W’s side, but I can’t shake the thought that something suspicious is happening behind the scenes…

Every time Boeing releases something, something outside of that something happens

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Exactly. 787 had engine issues. 737 MAX crashed twice. And now there’s been multiple issues (current and in the past) with P&W engines, and all of them have been on Boeing planes.

Something’s wrong. I can feel it.

“Must be Boeing’s problem then, right?”

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But what would you think the reason would be for this? That somebody or some group wants to make Boeing suffer? I can agree with you that something does seem a bit fishy, but it can also just be coincidence.


Really sad 😭