Dozens of B777s grounded after the incident in Denver

Both engine Failure on the same day just some hours between both is also an verry unlucky timing


Yeah, is the black day

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It’d be best for all if we allow the investigation to proceed without any accusations. There are thousands of people and objects that touched N772UA within her lifespan. Anything could’ve happened, and as the NTSB stated (paraphrased) We will not rule anything out until we can rule something in.


Cheers, I’ll give it a read now

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Since this bird’s engine parts fell from the sky in my hometown it was definitely scary to hear about. That 26 year old B777 definitely was old but the engines may have been younger. Some pilots think it was a fan blade in the engine that caused the issue, it could be anything rn the NTSB need to conduct their investigation and once we have our answer then we can gossip about it. Let’s not spread false information like it’s Boeing’s fault or no one checked the engines properly. Relax!

The pilots did a great job handling the situation and ATC did marvelous as well. Kudos to them and thankfully no one was injured.

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Neither the United nor the 747 incidents are isolated… Back in December last year, a Japan Airlines, 777-200ER flight from Okinawa’s Naha Airport, en-route to Tokyo–Haneda lost parts of it’s left engine PW4000) cover gone. The aircraft did emergency land back at Naha Airport with no further complications and with no injuries to any of the passengers, thankfully.

But this issue regarding Pratt & Whitney’s engine seems to be larger in number of incidents that has occurred than only United’s 777. Furthermore, passengers of JL904 says to Reuters about their fear when they heard the news about the United 777, saying to the news source what they felt during their time on JL904; “I was panicking in my head, thinking about how I was maybe going to die” and “I thought I would go insane if I accepted the thought of death, so I focussed on taking videos of the situation”.



Ufff, problems with the PW4000 then. That’s why avgeeks love the GE-90.

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You know how to make the day huh xD

In 2018, ANOTHER United 772 suffered engine loss. It was registered N773Ua I think. And it was operating to Honolulu as well

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From what I can tell this is an isolated incident involving United and possibly Pratt & Whitney, the airframe (the 772) is fine and the PW4000 is very reliable.

If I had to guess what this was, it was likely a degraded part of the PW4000 that failed mid-flight, a part the maintenance crew overlooked or didn’t see whatsoever.

If it’s not isolated, why haven’t other PW4000s failed in the same fashion?

Whilst this may be currently an isolated incident, it never hurts to take that extra precaution to prevent any further damage. It’s not uncommon for a particular model of aircraft to be taken out of service because of a singular fault: look at the 787 with the Trent 1000, some A320N with PW engines, the A380 after the Qantas incident…

It never hurts to be overly cautious. Sometimes just another extra check over a grounded aircraft can show a fault that could have cost lives.
It may well just be this singular engine on this singular aircraft, but better to take time than lives.


Speaking of this incident, new images have surfaced of the damage to the aircraft

As you can see, there is severe damage and body damage as well

Uff, this could be worse :|

Information is scarce; however, Delta 2123 (N819DX) diverted to SLC this evening after an engine issue. If I’m not mistaken, this aircraft is equipped with PW2000 engines. 😬

Edit: This aircraft is equipped with the PW2037 engines. Not a good week for PW.


Oh wow. Bad week for PW :(

what aircraft type is it?

Boeing 757-26D.

Seeing as Pratt and Whitney has had their fair share of maintenance issues in their long history it makes me think this is a fatigue issue.


Yep, PW2037s!