Downtown LA Spotting

Aircraft goes over downtown for approach and I got some pics.

Emirates A380

Southwest( New Livery) 737
I really had a hard time identifying this livery and aircraft. I wonder if someone can identify it for me. I’m leaning toward to a Cathay Pacific 777.
American 777 turning.
China Airlines 777

Another American Airlines

Air New Zealand( White Fern Livery) 777.


If you look closely at the tail you could identify its a Cathay Pacific 777.


I knew it thanks. But for which picture.

The one you can’t identify is china airlines I believe

No mustache planes again🙄 You need better spotting @Bulba 😂😂😂

Just kidding

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Pooh yes! My family is moving to Santa Barbara soon and it’s a 2 hour drive away from KLAX! I shall enjoy the heavies

one day one day i will.

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I’ll be waiting

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I have a couple minute drive from LAX.
And then when going to Costco I’ll get engines roaring from above every time and aircraft comes by.


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