Downloading Regions

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Since the new update we have had amazing realism, stunning graphics and new aircraft. But one thing that the Devs took away was the offline, solo mode. I have, maybe, a solution around it.

What the Devs did was thinking about space and if a majority of people wanted an offline option and so on. But what they really needed to do was have the option of it. The live stream told us that they thought it might take up too much space, too much time. I think of it as a Netflix Movie or TV show; you can download them (maybe not the greatest example).
If the Devs undertake this theory of downloading regions, at a lower realistic ‘level’ then they could allow us to download regions when online.

After that long, boring essay-like paragraph, what I am proposing is for a selected number of regions such as: Sydney, Melbourne, LA, New York, Dubai, London, Paris, Germany, etc… to be downloadable. This allows us to play offline, in solo mode and at a lower realistic rate in our favourite regions.

This would be available for Infinite Flight Pro users only.

Hope its a good idea, vote if you like the idea.

Well, this used to be there. Besides, I’m sure the devs are gonna return that feature back ASAP (I mean I am sure they are planning Offline’s return) according to what I heard (correction: read) (don’t quote me on this)

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I suggest you vote for your own request as well

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