Downloading new liveries should be optional

Hello, IFC!

This morning, I was looking at the liveries requests and thinking about the liveries already added in the IF. I saw, then, that there are few used liveries and others that have never been used for reasons of preference. My proposal is that there be a configuration option in Infinite Flight for the user to decide which liveries should be downloaded from each aircraft. For example, if there was already this option, I would not have downloaded all five Frontier uniforms on the A320, only one or two maybe. That would be good, perhaps, to also save space on the mobile device, especially on those intermediaries that do not have internal space, since not everyone sympathizes with the external memory card. So it would be: In the same way that we can configure the IF not to automatically download all aircraft when they are launched, in the same way, would have this configuration option to not automatically download all the liveries as soon as they are released. I think it’s a good idea to improve the IF. And in the case of a new aircraft, as it was in the recent launch of the CRJ7, the user would download the aircraft and then download the liveries he wanted from CRJ7 without the obligation to download all of them.

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Oh, that’s why I did not find it. Because I did not know which title to look for, and this request is a little old and little commented.

Anyway, I apologize for duplicating the request.

Closing the other one since you are always helpful in the community and the other one is old. Cheers, Levet

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This is actually something I hope the developers bring up in the FlightCast Podcast in Las Vegas. My question was along the same lines as what you are requesting.

There are obviously liveries out there that I’ve never flown before and probably never will. Freeing up some space would be grand and could offer the option to have other livery downloads (if the developers plan to do what I mentioned above).

Nice request! :)

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I like your idea, this could even allow for a lot more liveries to be available for every aircraft. Because all the liveries are automatically downloaded for each aircraft, it takes up space with liveries you might not even like.

Once again, Love the Idea :)

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It would be a way to save internal memory of the device. Those who want to have all the liveries of all aircraft, would just go in the settings and select the option to download all the liveries automatically. I honestly do not see any disadvantage in this for anyone.

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I honestly only see advantages,

FDS would be able to provide more liveries to us, which would drive more customers to them, generating more revenue, meaning they would be able to afford to make more aircraft with more liveries, which would unlock more and more routes for us to fly across the globe.

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I just wish that aircraft would not automatically download

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But there is the setup you do not download new aircraft automatically. My proposal is that there be the same configuration for the liveries of each aircraft. In case, you could download the CRJ7, for example, but without the need to download all the liveries that accompany it, understand? Unless you want; but in any case, that would be at the discretion of the user.