Downloading new aircraft

I just purchased a new iPad 12.9 Pro do I have to download every single aircraft again🙄😔

No you don’t have to just load into the game which ones you want to download the airlines you personally enjoy flying or livery’s it will save you space.

Good thing is the last iPad Pro that I have I didn’t have to download every aircraft into an airport it just happened the majestically now I got a new iPad Pro same account and now I have no plans at all so I’m going to have to spawn at every airport in every aircraft

Sorry I failed to mention I’m viewing this from the atc’s point of view not being a pilot

I’m struggling to understand what’s being asked.

For example when I fly I do use the heavy so but I don’t use every heavy available or super but when I control I want to be able to see all of my aircraft regardless of whether I’ve used the aircraft to fly or not if somebody spawns in with a A320 even if I didn’t use that aircraft to fly I should be able to see us A320 not just there you know coding information

You will be able to see every aircraft when controlling it doesnt matter if it’s downloaded or not it’s just not downloaded on your device someone can correct me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure of it. 👍🏻

Correction standby it seems to be fixing its own self now all of a sudden I can see certain aircraft in the aircraft are popping up I guess I must have been my internet connection or something of that sort you got moderator please close the topic

And sorry for the incorrect English I’m just too lazy to type it’s the speech-to-text that’s putting the words for me and I don’t I didn’t edit it

As you encounter aircraft they automatically download to your device. This takes a while, however in the future the planes have been downloaded, so pop in immediately.


No worries 😊

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If they just start popping up then that means they are rendering/downloading in for your view


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All you are downloading is the app everything else is being streamed to your device which is why you need internet. You can’t play without interment and there is nothing going on your device except the app

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