Downloading Infinite Flight on BlueStacks

Hey there.
I have the Infinite Flight app on my Pixel 2. However, I am trying to install the app with BlueStacks, and it says I have to pay $0.99… even though I already paid for it with Google Play. And yes, I am on the same account.


Hi, even if you would download it, it would fail miserably. Since I think 2018 IF uses some technologies that make emulation on stuff like bluestacks impossible

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My best guess would be to try signing in and signing out of the store. It might reset it to make the app “free”.

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I understand that. I plan on using the emulator mainly for camera shots and other cinematic things, since it’s easier for me to record/screenshot them with my PC.

Hate to ruin your plans, but when I’ve tried it a year ago it wouldn’t even launch, and I haven’t heard of any changes in behavior since then

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I also tried it and I had to restart all over and I did this also like 2years ago

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Sorry to ruin it @Niccckk

This is odd because Google Play recongizes that I have a subscription with Infinite Flight… which I wouldn’t have been able to get without purchasing the app.

Found the solution.

Go to the settings in BlueStacks and clear the cache for the Google Play Store.

I appreciate everyone trying to help.

I have it and it works really well!

Infinite flight hasn’t worked on blue stacks since before 19.3. The compatibility has been removed and the developers have already said they have no intention of adding it back.

So either you are running an older version (which shouldn’t be possible because of the way the simulator streams data) or something else has been tweaked since, because as far as I’m aware the current version doesn’t run it.

I have installed the 20.02 last week. I made a little flight and it was working

The app seems to be working for me with BlueStacks, latest version.

IF may work on Blue Stacks. 20.2 is working for me but because of the wide array of computer configurations Blue Stacks is not officially supported and staff is unable to help in these cases.

Controlling with a mouse is nice however importing and exporting replays did not work for me. You will need replays if you appeal a violation.